10 women-owned restaurants to try this summer

Most people haven’t been able to travel for over a year because of COVID-19. 

There are a lot of things to be missed when you aren’t able to leave home – one of them being food. Foreign cuisine is, without a doubt, a highlight of travelling. 

Although the world is nearing normalcy, we’re not quite there yet. 

In the meantime, as Ontario re-opens and we enter patio season once again, it’s important to recognize the diverse restaurants across the province. Who says you can’t taste the world right here at home? 

Here are 10 of Ontario’s women-owned restaurants to try this summer.

Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen 

Founded by Janet Zuccarini and located in Toronto’s Fashion District, the Caribbean-style restaurant is said to reflect the warmth and vibrancy of Jamaica’s culture and people. 

Offering anything from jerk chicken to rum punch, Chubby’s is the place to be if you’re looking for that “good tummy feeling” after a well-enjoyed, home-cooked meal, according to its website.  

Location – 104 Portland St., Toronto, Ont.

Moo Shu Ice Cream 

With summer now in full swing, it’s the perfect time of year for ice cream. 

Moo Shu is famous for its small-batch ice cream flavours, made in collaboration with Ottawa farmers, brewers, jam makers and roasters. 

The shop, founded by Liz Mok, combines Asian-inspired cuisine with the farm-to-table concept. It has become a fan favourite in Ottawa’s Centretown.

Location – 477 Bank St., Ottawa, Ont.

Photo by Kamaji Ogino

My Secret Kitchen

My Secret Kitchen doubles as a take-out restaurant and a catering service. 

Stephanie Rodrigues founded the Italian and Portuguese-style shop and offers flavourful and healthy meals to grab and go. 

Based in Port Credit, Mississauga, the restaurant also delivers across the Greater Toronto Area. 

The location offers a variety of hors d’oeuvres like tasty cheeses and a range of breads. It could be the perfect restaurant to visit in preparation for the best charcuterie board this summer.

Location – 316 Lakeshore Rd. E., Mississauga, Ont.


Mayette’s is described as Canada’s “oldest established original and authentic Philippine restaurant and caterer since 1987,” according to their website. 

The menu combines Spanish, Asian and Filipino dishes all in one place. 

Mayette Murillo, known as one of the best Filipina cooks in Toronto, founded the Scarborough restaurant. 

Location – 15 Patterson Ave., Scarborough, Ont.


Grace is marketed as London’s go-to destination for modern Canadian cuisine. 

The menu offers entrees from quiche to smoked brisket sandwiches. It can be delivered in-house or through take-out.

According to their website, Grace was named after Executive Chef Angie Murphy’s grandmother, Grace Murphy, and is inspired by her “vivacious” personality.

Location – 215 Dundas St., London, Ont.

Mila Mexican Restaurant and Bar

This Mexican-style restaurant and bar offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you’ve got the whole day covered. 

From loaded nachos to shrimp tacos, the menu has an option to satisfy any craving. Vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free choices are also available! 

Divya Patel founded Mila in 2019, which operates out of Vaughan and offers catering services. 

Location – 40 Winges Rd. #5, Woodbridge, Ont.


Amandala’s, a Canadian-style restaurant located in Peterborough, offers a modern menu. 

The location features anything from fresh pizzas to delectable desserts, all prepared in-house. 

Amandala’s was founded by Amanda Menard, who ensures the restaurant incorporates local ingredients that Peterborough can call its own.

Location – 375 Water St., Peterborough, Ont.

Tea and Bloom

Tea and Bloom offers a rather Instagram-worthy menu, featuring options from blooming flower teas to brownies. 

Sisters Marianne and Helena Lee founded the shop, based in the heart of Sudbury. The sisters are known for their delicious butter tarts. 

Location – 39 Durham St., Sudbury, Ont.

Photo by Gary Barnes

Indra’s Curry House

Indra’s Curry House is an Indian-style restaurant located in North Bay. 

Indra Dhami is the owner of Indra’s Curry House. The menu follows recipes that have been passed down through her family.

The restaurant offers authentic Indian cuisine, created through a combination of Northern Indian spices and locally sourced ingredients.

Location – 454 Main St. E., North Bay, Ont.

Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine

Montfort Mediterranean Cuisine offers just that – authentic Mediterranean food. 

Founded by Rebecca Shoufany, the restaurant offers delivery, pick-up and patio dining, as well as catering services. 

It’s located in Oakville and represents the idea that food, family and friends are shared components of both Mediterranean and Canadian culture.

Location – 430 Iroquois Shore Rd., Oakville, Ont.

Happy eating!

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