Indigenous women’s shelters and community resources

Indigenous women’s shelters provide more than just physical shelter — they offer culturally-specific counselling and resources. 

These shelters are Indigenous-led, with trauma-informed counsellors, Elders, and traditional healing practices.

There are 14 Indigenous-specific shelters in Ontario for people fleeing abusive situations. More than 1,550 women and children stayed in these shelters in 2018.

There are also 92 general women’s shelters in Ontario for survivors of abuse. More than 14,975 women and children were admitted in these shelters, also in 2018.

This list includes some of the Indigenous women’s shelters in Ontario. There is also information on how to support these shelters for those who are able to donate.


London, Ont. (Treaty 6)

Land of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, Lenape, Attawandaron and Wendat peoples

24-hour crisis line: 1-800-605-7477

Non-emergency contact: 519-438-0068

Atlohsa is a non-profit organization that provides community members with Indigenous-led programming, holistic healing, education, shelter and support.


  • Their women’s shelter is named Zhaawanong after the Ojibwe word for “south.” The shelter has been in operation since 1992.
  • They have a women’s support group for those in an abusive relationship called Kanawayhitowin, a Cree phrase meaning “taking care of each other’s spirit.” 
  • Atlohsa also has a support group for survivors of human trafficking and sexual abuse.
  • Atlohsa offers peacemaking services, legal navigation support, and sessions with local Elders open to people of all genders.

How to support:

Atlohsa accepts monetary donations. They also have an online gift store where you can buy Indigenous-made clothing, jewelry and art to directly support local Indigenous artists.

Native Women’s Centre

Hamilton, Ont. (Between the Lakes Treaty/Treaty 3)

Land of the Erie, Attawandaron, Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee and Mississauga peoples

24-hour crisis line: 1-888-308-6559

Non-emergency contact: 905-664-1114


  • The Native Women’s Centre has a 24/7 shelter as well as counselling for Indigenous women and youth fleeing or experiencing family violence.
  • Their discharge planning program provides counselling for Indigenous people currently incarcerated at the Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre.
  • The centre also has an application-based transitional supportive housing program for single women in precarious housing situations, separate from their drop-in crisis shelter.

How to support:

You can make a monetary donation online or donate any of the items on their wish list.

Ganohkwasra Family Assault Support Services

Ohsweken, Ont. (Treaty 4)

Land of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, Attawandaron and Mississauga peoples

24-hour line: 519-445-4324


  • Ganohkwasra Family Assault Support Services has services for people of all genders and ages. 
  • Etiya`takenhas, the Oneida word meaning “we are helping them,” is the general shelter for people seeking safety from abuse and violence.
  • Their women’s program is called Ahsęhsawa:dǫh, the Onondaga word for “a new beginning.”
  • They also have a sexual violence healing center, Sonhatsi’:wa, a Mohawk phrase meaning “becoming your true self.”

How to support:

You can make a monetary donation or contribute any of the items on their wish list.

Minwaashin Lodge

Ottawa, Ont. (unceded territory)

Land of the Algonquin Anishinaabe peoples

24-hour crisis line: 613-789-1141

Non-emergency contact: 613-741-5590

Street team outreach line: 613-265-7558


  • Minwaashin offers an array of services. Oshki Kizis is the shelter portion of the centre, with 21 beds for women and children leaving abusive situations.
  • They offer women’s counselling, both individual and group, as well as a weekly women’s drop-in called “Supporting Our Sisters.”
  • “The Courage to Soar” is for Indigenous women who are survivors or currently at risk of domestic violence. The program provides support for them to complete their education and explore career options.
  • The STORM (Street Team Outreach Mobile) service sends on-call crisis workers into the community to help Indigenous women on the streets with harm reduction, safety planning and crisis intervention.

How to support:

To help Miwaashin continue to provide their services, you can make a donation online or view their wish list.

Mississauga Women’s Shelter

Mississauga First Nation, Blind River, Ont. (Robinson Huron Treaty)

Land of the Mississauga, Métis and Anishinaabe peoples

Non-emergency contact: 705-356-7800

24-hour crisis line: 1-800-461-2232


  • Mississauga Women’s Shelter has a 10-bed emergency shelter for women and their children. 
  • The shelter is located in Mississauga First Nation, but the service is offered to any women and child within the Algoma District.
  • The shelter also provides emergency transportation for those who need to come to the shelter.

How to support:

You can donate furniture, lightly used clothing, or any other household items or appliances. Contact the shelter directly to set up a donation.

Fort Albany Women’s Shelter

Fort Albany First Nation, Ont. (Treaty 9)

Land of the Anishinaabe and Cree peoples.

Non-emergency contact: 1-705-278-8000

24-hour line: 1-888-508-3321


  • The Fort Albany Women’s Shelter has a 24/7 residential shelter for women and their children in times of crisis, as well as non-residential short-term support.
  • They also offer services to assist with legal issues and housing access, as well as individual counselling.

How to support:

You can contact the shelter directly to inquire about donations they currently need.

Ojibway Women’s Lodge

Nipissing First Nation, North Bay, Ont. (Robinson Huron Treaty)

Land of the Anishinaabe peoples

24-hour crisis line and shelter: 705-472-3321

Transitional housing support program: 705-472 -0233


  • The Ojibway Women’s Lodge has a short-term shelter for women and their children fleeing abusive situations.
  • They also have a transitional housing program for women in the process of re-establishing themselves in their community. Clients can be connected with Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program, education, training, health and legal services.

How to support:

You can contact the shelter directly to inquire about donations they currently need.

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