Hijab-friendly salons

For many women, choosing a new hairstyle is their biggest challenge at the salon. For Hijabi women, finding a salon with privacy can be an even bigger challenge. 

Canada is home to more than a million people who identify as Muslim, according to Statistics Canada.

Observant Muslim women who wear head coverings don’t show their hair to men other than their husbands and close relatives.

Salons tend to either have male hairstylists present or non-private facilities. It can be difficult for a Hijabi woman to find an accommodating salon.

To support each other in the community, blogs such as Hijabs&More share Hijabi hair care tips. Brands such as Antrim Cosmetic Solutions also carry Halal hair products. 

Some Ontario salons specifically provide hijab-friendly services to ensure the Muslim community can also receive professional services.

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Tonyc Hair Salon & Spa

Tonyc Hair Salon & Spa is a chain salon that provides hijab-friendly services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. They also have locations in Waterloo and Oshawa. 

When requesting a hijab-friendly service, you will be provided with a private room. 

The salon also provides various treatments such as waxing, nail services, and facials that can be found on their website.

Verve Hair Design Salon & Spa

Verve Hair Design Salon & Spa is located in Markham and owned by head stylist Yen Koo.

Koo said she has experienced discrimination as a Chinese immigrant from India. She wanted to bring about change through inclusivity in her business.

Koo said she wanted to create a space that recognizes the community’s needs while respecting different religions and cultures. 

To maintain a hijab-friendly environment, Verve Hair Design Salon & Spa has a private room to provide its full services. 

To book the private room, it’s recommended you make an appointment one to two weeks in advance. 

Beauty on Bank 

Beauty on Bank is a salon located in Ottawa owned by Shelley Linthorne.

According to Linthorne, the salon strives to be inclusive by providing gender-neutral prices and hijab-friendly services.

Linthorne said she learned about the Islamic faith from her Muslim stylists and wanted to ensure that every customer felt included. 

The salon is always prepared to be hijab-friendly and can install screens during your stylings for privacy. 

The Toronto-based Hair Spa is owned by senior stylist and colour technician Nano Khoury. 

Hair Spa

Originally from Lebanon, Khoury has been exposed to different cultures and religions and acknowledges the needs of the Muslim community. 

Khuory said she hopes to play her part in providing and offering much-needed services to Muslim women.

Her hijab-friendly salon offers private appointments. During these appointments, the whole salon is closed and all curtains and doors are shut for maximum privacy. 

To book a private appointment, add a note upon booking to request a hijab-friendly service.

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