5 apps that every woman should have on their phone

Smartphones have become a part of daily life, and many apps help make routines and chores easier.

While the tech world hasn’t always been women-friendly, new apps are changing that. Instagram and Pinterest are fan favourites among women. There are several other apps to download that can assist you in your day-to-day life. 

Here are five apps to consider adding to your phone. These apps range from helping track your period to navigating your personal finances. They’re all free and available to download on iOS and Android.

Clue – Period Tracker

Clue is an app that helps you make sense of your periods, fertility, pregnancy and menstrual health. The app can track your mood and monitor your menstrual cycle. It also includes a reminder feature for taking birth control pills. It is one of the most recommended period tracking apps by OB/GYNs. Clue can help you learn about your body and your cycle’s unique patterns.

If you have specific questions or concerns about your period, speak to your OB/GYN. 

Noonlight – Stay Safe

Many women worry about walking home alone. Noonlight is an app that can help make the journey less scary. If you are feeling unsafe, open the app and hold the button. Once you are safe, you will be prompted to enter a PIN to let the app know. 

If you’re not safe, release the button and don’t enter the PIN. The app will notify local police of your location, and someone will be on their way to help. 

Dot Health – Health

Huda Idrees is an engineer who earned her degree from the University of Toronto. After working on many apps, Idrees saw issues with people trying to access their own health information. 

This led to her launching the Dot Health health-care app. Dot Health provides users with access to their personal health records in a simple, secure and portable way. 

The app allows users to manage their health information to make better decisions. Users can also collect and manage their health data. 

Sarah Burke Dimitrova, the lead for Health Quality Ontario, uses the app to find the personal health information she’s seeking. 

The app is compliant with all applicable provincial and federal privacy laws.

Wealthsimple – Finances

Wealthsimple can help you keep track of and manage your finances. 

The Ontario-founded company helps you become more financially literate, whether you are investing or doing taxes. Want to learn more about Ontario tax brackets? There’s a whole page for that. 

To learn more about your personal finances, you may also want to book a session with a financial advisor at any bank in Ontario such as CIBC, RBC or TD

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#SelfCare – Relax 

Brie Code is the CEO and creative director of the Toronto-founded app #SelfCare. The app uses gamification to promote relaxation and mindfulness in users. 

The app was created to model the team’s personal self-care rituals. #SelfCare features a game with a calm bedroom and an AI companion resting in bed. The AI character is surrounded by various objects that users can click on. That includes snuggling with your cat, transforming the colours of your bedroom walls, or seeking guidance from your tarot cards. #SelfCare did not want to create minigames that got more difficult over time. Instead, they wanted the game to include rituals so users could feel more connected the more they played. 

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