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Events BY women FOR women in the GTA

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Living in a big city can sometimes be very intimidating, especially as a woman. These come with challenges like meeting new people in a safe way, making friends and finding new hobbies.  

In the Greater Toronto Area, there are so many events that happen daily but they can be scary as you’re surrounded by so many new people.  

Have you ever wanted to participate in events happening but are more comfortable with something that’s run by women and meant for women?  

Below are some events run virtually and in person by women who want to help other women. These events are perfect to meet other women with similar interests or simply chat and have a conversation with them.  

If the events below don’t meet your needs – do not worry! You can find many other events that could be more similar to what you are looking for on Eventbrite. This website is constantly being updated with new and exciting things to do.  

How to Have a Healthy Relationship Every Sunday from June 18 – December 31, 2023  

This is a free and virtual masterclass on how to have healthy relationships as a woman. It includes essential tips, communication tools, foundations and how to be your best self.  

“In only 50 minutes, you can transform your love life. What a beautiful gift to give yourself today!” – Miranda Amora (Masterclass Teacher & Creator of “wethegoddess” 

Healing Through Words Workshop Second Tuesday of Each Month  

This workshop is a great method to work through previous trauma, abuse or any other difficult experience you may have had during your journey of womanhood. A clinical social worker leads a group of women in a creative journaling workshop, using a method of writing your words down to heal your inner self. The workshop is split into four sections: Hurting, Loving, Breaking and Healing. This workshop series builds off one another, but it is not necessary to attend each session to benefit. You will be provided with a journal upon attending your first session.  

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Bad Girls Walking Tour – September 24, 2023  

Meet the women who have overcome persecution and prejudice in their opportunity for justice in the 19th and 20th centuries in the city of Toronto. This is a guided tour that includes the former site of the Mercer Reformatory, the first women’s prison in Canada, long-lost factories, immigration centers and rooming houses so that you may uncover the stories of the women who lived and worked there. This guided tour is approximately 1.2km walking and you may mingle and ask questions with the women guiding the tour as well as the other women on the tour.  

Women’s Health & Wellness Group: For Chinese Women Every Friday from June 16 – October 6, 2023  

Join this wellness group to learn about mental health, participate in crafts, talk about stress management and self-care, make decorations, and much more. This event will be spoken in some English but mostly in Mandarin so it is targeted towards Chinese women.  

Women’s Health & Wellness Group: For Caribbean Women – Every Thursday from June 15 – October 12, 2023  

Join this wellness group to learn about mental health, participate in crafts, talk about stress management and self-care, make decorations and much more. This event is targeted for Caribbean women.  

Afia Dei Toronto Launch September 14, 2023 

AFIA DEI Certification is a nationwide initiative to address the systemic barriers experienced by women entrepreneurs in accessing capital. This certification encourages Canadian funders to access business funding that inspires growth for women and gender-diverse entrepreneurs, especially those who identify as BIPOC and 2SLGBTQ+. This event is their public launch to recognize this initiative.  

Just 4 You: Monthly Women’s MeetUp Check the link for running dates  

Whether you are new to the community or a long-time resident, “Just 4 You” welcomes all women into the safe space to build friendships, learn something new and just have fun. Guest speakers and hands-on activities are listed in advance to the day of the event so make sure to check out what kind of activities are going on so you can choose a date. 

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Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus – Check the link for days running until January 16, 2024  

This is a virtual seminar that is based on Dr. John Gray’s Books, where you will embark on a journey of boosting the quality of your life and your intimate relationships by learning gender-intelligent ways of understanding yourself & your partner. Take into consideration that although this is a woman-run virtual event, she has allowed couples to join recently. This seminar talks about improving communication, reducing stress, and creating harmony in life, work and relationships.  

Ladies Social Night Check the link for days that this event is being held  

Hang out at the Women’s Centre on specific evenings for a ladies’ social night out. This social event includes board games, card games, karaoke and lots of conversation among other women. You are also welcome to bring your own game if you have a favourite one at home. 

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Soul Care Reset for Moms with Mental Health Challenges Check the link for upcoming dates  

This is a virtual event that helps you learn how to establish, embrace and maintain soul care practices so that you may shift from a daily grind to the best version of yourself.  

Toronto Women’s Bookstore Anniversary October 10, 2023  

Toronto Women’s Bookstore is holding its 50th Anniversary and celebrating its wonderful years in business. This event will feature speakers, performances, memorabilia, prizes and fun activities. This is a great place to have conversations and bond with other women.  

Ladies of Justice: Tea Talk Every Tuesday from June 27 – November 28, 2023  

The Ladies of Justice: Tea Talk is a chance to be able to connect with other dynamic women in business, share your experiences and build new connections. It is also a great opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and learn from one another. This event is full of meaningful conversations, networking, coffee and tea!  

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How to Reset your ‘Superwoman’ Self September 16 and November 18, 2023  

This is a virtual workshop to reset yourself with ease, to restore your energy and joy for total wellness. If you have found yourself sacrificing your desires and needs due to exhaustion and people-pleasing, this is the perfect virtual workshop for you.  

Ladies Coffee & Conversation Every Monday from June 18 – December 19, 2023  

This is a perfect opportunity to meet other like-minded women in a casual setting. The women’s centre is holding Coffee & Conversation as a way to meet other people, have meaningful conversations and perhaps make lasting friendships.  

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