The rise of female financial literacy influencers

Five female financial advisors educating women via the internet

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Personal finance is an important topic not just for emerging female professionals but for all women. 

Financial illiteracy can lead to poor financial choices which can negatively impact one’s well-being. Consequences can include the over-accumulation of debt and high interest rates, resulting in bad credit or bankruptcy. A  lack of financial savvy can even make people more vulnerable to financial fraud or scams.

While understanding the language of finance is important, it can often be a dull learning experience bogged down by confusing and foreign terms. This tends to leave individuals feeling discouraged, preventing them from becoming financially literate.

The lack of engaging and digestible sources for financial knowledge has motivated some women to break down confusing concepts through digital platforms. They provide valuable tips in easy-to-follow formats, including 30-second video reels and engaging blog posts. 

Read on to learn about the female financial literacy creators helping women expand their financial knowledge. 

Bridget Casey – Money After Graduation

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Bridget Casey is an investment expert, crypto enthusiast and columnist for The Globe and Mail. She is also the founder of the Canadian web-based financial resource Money After Graduation. 

Money After Graduation aims to assist new graduates with paying off student debts, creating budgets, saving money and making investments. The site offers e-courses and both free and paid tools to expand users’ knowledge of various financial concepts. 

Casey also shares helpful tips on her Instagram page, @BridgieCasey, through creative content posts and video reels. She covers topics including investment portfolio management, retirement savings plans and financial security strategies. 

Jessica Moorhouse – MoorMoney Media Inc.

Jessica Moorhouse is a financial educator from Toronto and self-branded “Millennial Money Expert.” 

Moorhouse aims to assist others with transforming their lives by taking control of their finances. She provides personal financial advice via a wide range of information channels, tailoring her resources to diverse audiences. This includes her enterprise, MoorMoney Media Inc., a personal finance blog,, and her Instagram account @jessicamoorhouse

She also hosts a podcast titled More Money Podcast, on which she interviews financial experts, celebrities and listeners. Her discussion topics include financial independence, early retirement, budgeting best practices, side hustles and investing. 

All 13 seasons are available on various media players, including iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and YouTube. Some of these platforms are free to use, making it the perfect podcast for a binge-listening session. 

Vivian Tu – YourRichBFF

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With her TikTok account, YourRichBFF, ex-Wall Street Trader Vivian Tu provides financial advice geared towards Gen Zs and millennials. 

Boasting nearly one million followers, she is one of the most recognized financial literacy creators. She is known for her humorous portrayals of complicated financial terms, including skits and satire-fueled video clips. This relaxed approach helps break down barriers to encourage people to expand their financial knowledge. 

While most of Tu’s content is entertainment-based, she also discusses social influences that can impact finances such as the financial costs associated with being a person of colour. 

Tu combines real-life examples with her personal knowledge and experiences to shed awareness on these important topics. The creator also encourages her followers to have conversations with their friends that belong to marginalized communities and share useful information. 

She believes this can assist in restructuring unfair social variables that place people of colour at a disadvantage. 

Kerry K. Taylor – Squawkfox

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World-renowned Toronto-based personal finance blogger Kerry K. Taylor has inspired millions to achieve financial independence. 

Through her award-winning blog,, she has shared valuable financial strategies with 50,000 subscribers across 135 countries. In addition to her blog, she has also authored a bestselling book, 397 Ways To Save Money, and hosts the Cash and Kerry Podcast

Using her own experiences, Taylor offers a compassionate take on helping people improve their financial literacy. Her topics of focus include investment tips, reducing debts and increasing savings. Taylor’s blog posts often intertwine financial literacy with other elements, including environmental consciousness and behavioural science. 

One example is an article outlining techniques to reduce food waste to save upwards of $1,000 yearly. Another article covers adjusting behaviour patterns to help pay off debts faster. 

Krystal Yee – Give Me Back My Five Bucks

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Krystal Yee started her blog Give Me Back My Five Bucks as a way to hold herself accountable for her spending. 

While her blog has grown to provide thousands of Canadians with financial resources and advice, she still maintains a personal touch in her posts. Yee even shares her own experiences managing large amounts of debt. 

Yee’s honesty and openness inspire other Canadians to make the necessary changes to become financially stable.

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