Femtech: Technology for women’s health matters

How the Canadian technology industry is providing resources for women’s health and the companies involved.

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Femtech is a general term that encompasses all technology that supports women’s health. This includes products, diagnostics and software. These technologies primarily focus on health issues that specifically affect women, non-binary and trans people.

This website lists all the companies specializing in Femtech, related resources and a portal where any companies wanting to enter the industry can  apply for aid. The site also boasts one-on-one sessions, a Slack community and events for individuals to come together and discuss the future of Femtech.

Rachel Bartholomew, the founder of Hyivy (a company focused on promoting women’s pelvic health), became inspired to begin Femtech in Canada after reading about its growth in foreign countries. 

After realizing how difficult it was to break into the industry and gain recognition, it became her aim to provide a safe space for companies like hers to achieve their goals. After partnering with The Innovation Factory this year, Femtech Canada received the sponsorship it needed to expand.

Here are just a few of the Femtech companies revolutionizing women’s health matters.

Revol Undies

Revol Undies was founded by Sara Jonsdottir and her husband Mayo Santos to provide leak-proof underwear for women on their periods. Not finding the support she needed from disposable or reusable menstruation products, Jonsdottir decided to create a product that could solve these issues.

The underwear is meant to be worn without other products and is hand-sewn in Vancouver, B.C. For any women out there who struggle with period leaks and have become frustrated looking for a product that stops it, Revol Undies is for you.


Ovry recognizes the lack of education and basic knowledge most people have about fertility and aims to correct this by providing products that reduce pregnancy-related stress.

The company, founded by Jackie Rhind, provides a box with several sustainable pregnancy tests or ovulation tests that allow you to test multiple times. Their goal is to give accurate results that you could find in a drugstore test but that are more affordable, discreet and high quality. 

The products are created in North America and are compliant with FDA standards, making them local and safe to use. They offer everything from male fertility tests to pregnancy and ovulation test strips for all your ovary-related needs.


Treehouse’s mission is to create an online community for parents to access any resources they need during pregnancy, from conception to birth. It is especially helpful for those experiencing pregnancy for the first time.

Founder Julia Slanina wanted to make access to health information easier for everyone involved while also promoting positive parenting. After finding she had no one to turn to for information after a stressful experience with her own pregnancy, she wanted to remedy this issue for other people through Treehouse.

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Treehouse is free to join, allowing you to interact with others, link health records, register for classes and find the right care provider for you.

The software connects care companies and parents together to facilitate communication for those who need help. Parents can choose which companies they would like to interact with, making them feel more in control in a stressful situation.

If you have any further questions or would like to know more about Femtech and the companies it supports, please contact them here.

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